Commercial Cleaning and House Cleaning Service in Tauranga

What are commercial cleaning services? 

Commercial cleaning services refers to companies that specialize in cleaning commercial facilities, such as offices, stores, restaurants, and, of course, supermarkets. These businesses use cleaning professionals with experience who know how to use certain tools and supplies to clean these kinds of establishments.

Commercial cleaning services are not limited to basic cleaning tasks. Many of these companies offer additional services, such as carpet cleaning, high-rise window cleaning, facade cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and more. Hiring commercial cleaning services ensures that cleaning is done professionally, efficiently, and to industry standards.

How is Epic Cleaning Service?

An epic cleaning service in a supermarket follows a detailed and personalized cleaning plan. The plan is designed keeping in mind the specific needs of the supermarket and the flow of customers and employees.

First, cleaning is done when it least interferes with business operations, often early in the morning or late at night after closing. Special attention is paid to high-traffic areas such as entrances, hallways, and cash registers.

Cleaning services include the use of appropriate cleaning equipment and products. This may include floor polishing and polishing machines, industrial vacuum cleaners, and cleaning products that meet health and safety standards.

Cleaning personnel must be competent to follow correct and safe cleaning procedures. As well as how to use Epic Distributors cleaning products and how to safely handle and store cleaning chemicals.

As you can see, supermarket cleaning is a complex and detailed job that requires a team of experienced professionals. They keep the supermarket clean, healthy, and safe for everyone who enters, and they play an essential role in the day-to-day running of the business. By doing so, they contribute greatly to the excellent customer experience and overall success of the supermarket.

Contact our team if you need a commercial cleaning service. Epic Cleaning We have the best technical and human teams. We will offer the service according to your needs. We are waiting for you!

How do I clean commercial premises?

Regular House cleaning and good maintenance are essential to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain the image of any business. So you should always keep your commercial premises in good condition. To clean the premises.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is essential to any environment, be it home or work, as it not only improves the conditions of the place and the efficiency of the people living in it, but also saves time and resources by improving living conditions. Is. allows

We are a company with house cleaning services in Tauranga, and we offer high quality domestic cleaning services at very good prices. Our experienced staff will ensure that your home is clean and safe for you to live in.

We have been providing domestic cleaning services for years and our team has a lot of experience in this field.


A clean home helps prevent the spread of disease and allergies, as mites and bacteria cannot thrive in a properly maintained, clean and sterile environment. Epic Commercial Cleaning in Tauranga guarantees to clean and disinfect your home, with the right products for the purpose.


A clean home is safer because it reduces the risk of accidents, such as falls or fires. Additionally, when hiring Epic cleaning services, you can be sure that the professionals entering the home have been vetted beforehand, allowing your Epic cleaning” company or The house will be left in safe hands. Guarantees peace of mind to quit.


Life is more comfortable in a clean house, as it reduces the stress and sense of disorder that can be caused by a dirty and messy environment.

Legal Status:

By hiring epic cleaning services in Tauranga, you will be complying with the necessary legal regulations, which means you will be protected in case of any kind of pain or suffering, and this is a formality. The sector is developing. That helps too.

In short, a clean house is essential for health, safety, comfort, and also helps in saving time to enjoy other activities.

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